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Welcome to the Top Petroleum Inc. corporate website. We are working as Mandates and Brokers representing verifiable sellers of crude oil, D6, D2,Jet Fuel and (Mazut M-100) to our business partners all over the world.

As a reliable partner, we are assisting Buyers and Sellers with oil and petroleum products. This market is very large, so we strive to satisfy the requirements of Buyers and Sellers for their specific requirements.

We want to focus your attention to the fact that we are not working as a marketing company, so if you are a company that is collecting analytical information, please don’t waste our time and moreover the time of our partners.

NOTE: Don't use Photoshop software to delete or change the contact information of the Buyer!! Such documents will go straight to the trash bin. VIP clients do not deal with this practice by the unprincipled or dishonest intermediaries, that have mainly discredited this market in recent years.

All communications will be in the form of actual documents. We will begin to work with your company when we receive your first documents and the Seller has read and approved it. We will then issue the documents as procedure requires continuing the process. That way all correspondence will be well documented at each stage of the process. This process will strictly follow International Procedures in accordance with the strict requirements of the Sellers and Buyers for every transaction.

As a first step, before any offers or request are looked at Top Petroleum Inc. request the signing of a Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure agreement (NCNDA

The Buyer must then issue a Letter of Intent to purchase (LOI ). This is to enable the refinery to calculate the best possible price to suit the Buyers requirements.

Our Seller or Refinery will then issue a Soft Coporate Offer (SCO).

The Buyer must then issue his Irrevocable Purchase Order (ICPO ) and Bank Comfort Letter (BCL ) . This will be presented to the refinery together with a Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement (IMFPA ).

The parties in the IMFPA must be the same as those mentioned in the origional NCND.

Our Seller or Refinery will then issue a Full Coporate Offer (FCO). If buyer accepts, he is to sign and seal this offer.

The rest of the transaction will be finalized according to the listed procedures .

For procedures on the sale of crude see Crude Oil download (Crude Oil)

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